We offer the following panel profiles and edge details:

The following are examples of Slab Drawer Fronts, Raised Panel and a Drawer Front with a Panel Profile:


Slab Drawer Front



Raised Panel Drawer Front



Panel Profile 1



Panel Profile 2



Profile Sheet



The following are examples of glass frames which are

Cathedral Arch with Lites, Oval Arched, and Square:


-----Cathedral Arched Lites ----------Oval Arched---------------Square-------------



The following are examples of a Cathedral Arched Door and an Oval Arched Door:


Cathedral Arched Door ------------------------Over Arched Door



The following are a Square over Square and a Oval Arched Over Square


-----Square over Square-----Oval Arched over Square------



The Following are End Panels which are End Panel with different size styles and rails, a two panel end panel with a five inch bottom rail and a three panel bar back with a 5 inch bottom.


Two Panel End Panel



Three Panel Bar Back



The following is an Oak Drawer Box.



Bar Back with 5 inch bottom


Basswood Flat Panel



Cathedral Arch Door



Knotty Cypress End Panel



MDF Drawer Front with Panel Profile



Oak Cathedral Arch Glass Frame with Lites



Oak Drawer Box



Oval Arch Glass Frame



Oval Arch over Square Door



Oval Door



Cathedral Arch Glass Frame



Hickory Beaded with Fronts



Cherry Sloped Panel with Fronts



Maple Reversed Panel with Fronts



Maple Flat Panel with Fronts



Alder Oval Arch Standard Panel with Fronts



Maple Cathedral Arch New cutter with Fronts



Oak - Cove Raised Panel with Fronts



Oak Glass Frame Oval Arch



Square Glass Frames with Grids



Style S with Special Cove



Prestige with WSM Panel



Legacy with New Cutter Panel Mitered



Single Bead with Plywood Panel Mitered



Legacy with Sloped Panel Mitered



Prestige with WSM Panel Mitered



Legacy with New Cutter Mitered



Style S with Special Cove Mitered



Four Panel Barback



Paint Maple Square Door



Raised Panel Drawer Front



Slab Drawer Front



Square Glass Frame



Square MDF Door



Square over Square Door



Two Panel End Panel with 5 inch bottom